Tropical Palms

Tattoo Studio

Tropical Tattoo have 2 resident artists available all week offering custom work at the best prices in the North West. From £50 per hour, our artists can tailor the perfect tattoo for you. Prices vary depending on artist and chosen tattoo. Contact us using the button above for a fully tailored quote.


Whether it’s your favourite film character, loved one or a much loved animal, portraits are a fantastic way to show your love for them. Photorealistic tattoo’s are a specialty of ours so get in touch with us today for a fully tailored quote.


Colour or Black and White realism are becoming increasingly popular at Tropical Tattoos constantly pushing the limits of our artists helping them achieve amazing results each time.


Looking for a Japanese style tattoo or sleeve? Our regular traditional Japanese themes mixed with original and customer Japanese artwork look great and are fully tailored to your needs.

Dot & Line Work

We can match you with our in-house dot & line work specialist who can prepare and tattoo custom work for you. Ranging from smaller pieces all the way up to full sleeves, our artists will create the perfect piece for your skin.


If its more of a traditional tattoo you are after then look no further. Our artists will develop and map your ideas into multiple design ideas, working closely with you until you are 100% happy with the result.

Cover Up

Has that faded Tattoo become to much of an eye-sore or has has that loved one turned evil? Our team have the skills to refresh or completely cover-up old Tattoo’s turning them into completely new, fresh creative pieces.